The bulk of the work we do is contracting, as outlined on our services page.  That said we always like to have a couple projects going on the side.  The projects below are a combination of things our team is interested in, and area's that we may be able to build on in the future.  For the most part our primary interests lay in the enterprise world, but we have been looking for ways to extend the work we do in the enterprise out to the customer, and we are always looking for ways to mix and match teams of people with different but complimentary skill sets.

Current we are working on ways to integrate work that we have done in the Java world out into the PHP world, specifically with Drupal.

Voom is our attempt to extend the Drupal platform to include some the paradigms that we are used to having in the Java.  For example MVC, Annotation Support, ORM, async messaging, etc...

Drupal Monitor is a proof of concept application that we are using to prove our thought on PHP->Java integration.  Our intention is to not stop at proof of concept, but to build a first class monitoring product that will be geared specifically for the Drupal community.