During our 12 years in business we have had a chance to work with great customers on some interesting projects.  We would like to talk in brief about a few of our accomplishments here to give a sense of how we may be able to help you.

Headlands Asset Management

After the housing bubble, Headlands got into the business of buying, rehabilitating, and selling (or refinancing) distressed assets on Wall St.  In the very early days these processed were managed in Excel by a small business team.  We were brought in to build a custom application that would allow them automatically price new loans, provide workflow for due diligence of the loans, manage the state of existing purchased loans, and modules to help closing those loans out (via refinance, sale, borrower payoff, or reo).  Over the course of 2 years we have worked with their financial team to build a 3 tier Java based web application, that to date encompass much of the business workflow.  Besides internal workflow the application we also integrate with with 3rd party servicers and credit vendors.  Part of what has made this project fun is the getting an firm understanding of the calculations that go into pricing and closing out loans, doing parallel calculation with thread pools to speed up execution time, and extending the application's functionality into Excel with POI.


When we started working with Yesmail they had recently transitioned offices and the development team from San Carlos CA to Portland OR.  It turns out that no one from the San Carlos development team wanted to move to Portland, so Yesmail decided to build a new team to support their legacy enterprise mail generation platform.  As part of the team we helped to take ownership of the new application, provide 3rd level support for existing customer service engineers, and worked to modernize the code base.  First phase consisted retrofitting the system with unit tests, so that we could feel comfortable making big design and architectural changes.  Second phase focused on scaling out and fixing performance bottlenecks.  This included rewriting much of the logic handling job scheduling and work queues.  In the process we made heavy use of java.util.concurent.  As part of phase two we also removed or upgrade many of the baked in frameworks.  This application had been around for 10 years, and many parts of it were written in the days of Java 1.0, for example they had their written their own HashTable classes, and Sort routines.  Refactoring out the Java 1.0 code, breaking down 2000+ line classes into smaller well defined classes, and converted a very procedural code base to dependency injection was at times frustrating but overall very rewarding.  

Paul Financial

As a wholesale lender, Paul Financial core system was a clustered loan origination system.  Shortly after the company started up the secondary marketing, treasury, and accounting departments started running into problems with the way the system was designed.  The issues were limitations in the way the LOS handled commitments and settlements; plus their need to have an array of custom reports developed quickly.  In phase 1 we built out their infrastructure by installing a pair of Oracle Application Servers (they were already an Oracle shop), setting up Oracle Reports, clustering their OC4J (J2EE) instances, integrated Oracle Internet Directory with their LOS security system, and got the developers up to speed on Oracle Developer Suite.  For phase 2, we built supplemental application for managing the commitments in Secondary Marketing, handling wire transfers & warehousing of loans for Treasury, and settlement of loans for Accounting.  As part of phase 3, that overlapped somewhat with phase 2, we build out there custom reports.  Besides doing all of the initial infrastructure installation, java development, and report design, we were responsible for training, documentation, and hand off.

US Navy Depot (North Island)

We were brought on to help the Navy with their big push to the web.  There were many teams working on different aspects of their infrastructure, upgrades, and migrating different suites of applications.  Our job was to web enable all of their Oracle Forms & Oracle Reports, modernizing their old Developer 2000 applications, and centralizing all of their OWA PL/SQL applications.  For the first stage we implemented a cluster of 3 Enterprise Oracle Application Servers that were managed by one Oracle Enterprise Infrastructure Server.  Then we split into two groups  One group worked with Navy employees to upgrade their Forms and Reports.  We did the first block of Forms/Reports, worked out the kinks, wrote documentation, and provided training.  In parallel we helped components team enhance and web enable their scheduling and induction module.  

Pilot Network Services

Pilot hired us to help supplement their systems and deployment team for General Electric.  When we joined Pilot had a very large backlog of work, and needed help cleaning up the backlog of work, and rebuilding systems, so that they were more standardized and required less maintenance.  The work was exciting and fun because they had need of engineers with a very diverse skill set.  In the morning you were reinstalling a Netscape Applications on 10 GE servers, for lunch you were helping the security team deploy java code to arrays of server, and in the afternoon you were helping the network team troubleshoot routing problems and blocked ports in the core network.  Every day was something new, but over the course of two months we were able to help their team almost completely get rid of the backlog.  The next stage of our engagement with them was to build a custom web services that would allow GE to manage servers and data within the Pilot network.  For example and DNS manager for GE domains, and web based control panels to manage services installed on GE hosted servers.  This stuff is standard on any $5 a month hosting plan now, but was quite novel back in 2000.

Alcatel USA

The tools group within Alcatel was looking to web enable a suite of applications that they were providing to other teams on the campus, and the accounting group was having problems rolling out their new web enabled Developer 2000 applications.  We were brought in to assist and help them build out their Oracle infrastructure.  After upgrading existing Oracle application server and installing new database servers, we assisted two of the tools engineers web enabling their existing thick client applications to the OWA toolkit.  We assisted the accounting team and corporate IT engineers track down and solve the problems plaguing the Developer 2000 rollout.  After our work was complete we signed a 1 year support contract with Alcatel to maintain their Oracle environment and provide onsite support in the case of any problems in their Oracle environment.